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7 Different Aquatic Exercises for Lap Pools

20 March

Swimming is a low impact sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Pool exercise burns calories, boosts metabolism and firms up every muscle of your body without putting stress on your joints. With a simple, regular workout in the pool, you can improve your health and strengthen your body.

If you have a lap pool, you can start pool exercises in the comfort of your own home. Here are seven simple aquatic exercises you may want to try in your lap pool:

Pool Pushups

Facing one end of the pool, rest your hands on the edge and let your body float on the water. Keep your elbows close to your side and stretch your legs out as far as you can. Use your arms to thrust your body to and from the pool of the edge while remaining in a stretched position. This exercise lets you work on your triceps without straining your elbows and back.

Water Jogging

Running through deep water is an excellent exercise for your calves, thighs and core. Start jogging in a shallow area of your pool until you reach the deeper parts. The deeper the water, the harder it will be to run. You can also wear a deep water flotation belt if you want to do water jogging without touching the pool floor.

 The Spiderman

Face the pool wall with your head above water.

Once you’re in position, bend your legs slightly and start running on the wall, using your arms to keep your body stable. The challenge in this exercise lies in using your arms to keep you from floating away from the edge of the pool.

Scissor Kicks

Spread your arms, lay back and hold on to the edge of the pool. Open your legs into a V shape and then bring them quickly together with one ankle on top of the other. Do the same movement but with your other ankle on top without sinking both our legs. Repeat this exercise. This fun workout engages your core, quads and gluts.

Otter Roll

Grab a medium-sized beach ball, pull it to your chest and lay on top of it so you are facing the floor of the pool. Then twist your body to one side until you roll around. Hold your breath and do three complete turns then inhale again before doing another set. The Otter Roll is a great exercise for your hips and thigh muscles.

Frog Jump

Stand in the middle of a pool and rest your hands on your hips. Mimicking a common ballet pose, put your heels together with your knees bent outward. Then jump as high as you can out of the water, returning to your original position as you land. This workout helps burn fats on your inner thighs, abdomen and glut area.

Flutter Kick

Hold on to the edge of the pool, stretching out your arms and legs. If you have a paddle/kick board, rest on it for support. Start kicking your legs rapidly behind you while keeping them underwater. Focus on achieving faster moments, not higher kicks.

At Guardian Pools, we know the health benefits and the fun a lap pool provides. For a quote or more details about our lap pool designs, feel free to contact us today.