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A Buyer’s Guide to Fibreglass Swimming Pools

17 May

Fibreglass Pool Design

Going for a dip in the pool is a leisure activity that almost anyone can enjoy. What’s even more satisfying is if you can do so in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s in the dog days of summer or during colder nights in the fall, swimming in the pool is a fun and relaxing way to spend your idle hours.

Buying a pool is a relatively easy task but just to make sure, use this guide to buying the perfect swimming pool for your home.


The first thing to remember before buying a pool is knowing what you’ll use it for. Whether you’re an athlete who needs a convenient venue for practice or a parent who wants a leisure space for the children, knowing the purpose of the pool is a big factor in your buying process.

The Right Pool Shape

The shape of your pool will depend highly on the structure of your backyard. Some homes have narrower gardens into which a long lap pool will fit nicely. Kidney shaped plunge pools suit less spacious properties and add life to an otherwise plain backyard. Choose a fibreglass pool design that is just the right size and one that blends effortlessly into the composition of your outdoor space.

Appropriate Pool Depth

The ideal depth for a backyard swimming pool is roughly around 1.2 to 1.8 metres. Anything deeper than that is less practical and difficult to use for leisure pool games. Be sure to choose a pool with the standard depth to ensure the pool’s functionality in the long run.

Pool Colour

Not many people see the importance of pool colours. Adding colour to the surface of the fibreglass pool not only enhances the pool’s appearance, but it also serves a functional purpose.

Plain white or lightly coloured pools tend to make dirt, debris and leaves a lot more visible. They can also have discolouration issues over time. Opt for a bright vibrant pool colour that reduces the appearance of stains and gives your pool an attractive modern appeal.

Pool Finish

The finish of your pool plays a major role in preserving its quality. Pool laminates are durable aesthetic layers that provide both a protective and decorative pool surface. Here at Guardian Pools, we offer pool finishes made from fibreglass and vinyl ester resin. Whether it’s from the Classic and Shimmer range, you’ll prolong the life of your pool with a stunning, high-quality pool finish.

Choosing the Right Fibreglass Pool Design With A Trustworthy Supplier

When shopping for swimming pools, don’t simply go with the lowest price or the quickest installation time. Search for a pool supplier that you can trust.

Guardian Pools is an Australian family owned business that has been supplying high-quality fibreglass pools since 1960. Our team upholds quality, style and functionality. We have a superior selection of pools, designs, finishes and colours – there’s something for every home.

Join our long list of valued customers and create the perfect backyard oasis with a fibreglass swimming pool from Guardian Pools today.

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