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Spruce Up Your Yard with a Pool from Guardian Pools

06 September
Backyard clear pool

If your backyard has extra space that can use an upgrade, why not add a kidney pool? Kidney pools are a valuable property investment that has several long-term benefits. In addition to elevating the property’s aesthetic value and kerb appeal, having a kidney pool in your backyard gives you a convenient way to relax after […]

Two Innovative and Space-Efficient Fibreglass Pool Designs for Your Home

30 August
Backyard kidney-shaped pool

Homeowners with small or oddly-shaped gardens might feel that purchasing a pool is out of the question. However, many tiny backyards across Australia accommodate gorgeous pools that are not only functional but also stylish. Pools don’t necessarily have to be large to be the perfect fit for your home. By choosing the right kind of […]

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How Deep Should My Swimming Pool Be?

16 August
Child swims in a swimming lap pool

Determining the depth of a residential swimming pool can be confusing to a lot of homeowners. Choosing the right specifications matter, especially when safety is a major consideration. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the standard depth of swimming pools. But there are factors that can help you narrow down your options. The […]

Aquatic Workouts That Will Strengthen Your Core

27 July
person doing leg exercise on water

Swimming is known for being a great aerobic exercise with numerous heart health benefits. Since the entire body is working together, swimming is also great for toning the muscles of the lower and upper limbs. Not many people, however, know that exercising in the water is actually good for toning the abdomen and strengthening the […]

Key Pointers to Hosting a Fun Pool Party for Your Kids

29 June
children in a swimming party

Pool parties are an exciting activity for kids. Whether it is a simple gathering with friends from the neighbourhood or a big bash with their mates from school, a pool party is a fun-filled way to keep them entertained. If it is your turn to host, here are a few essentials to hosting the best […]

A Buyer’s Guide to Fibreglass Swimming Pools

17 May
girl on swimming pool

Fibreglass Pool Design Going for a dip in the pool is a leisure activity that almost anyone can enjoy. What’s even more satisfying is if you can do so in the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s in the dog days of summer or during colder nights in the fall, swimming in the pool […]

Practise Your Front Crawl in a Backyard Lap Pool

15 May
Girl on a swimming practice

For many swimmers, freestyle is the fastest way of swimming. It is a straightforward speed-based technique that requires minimal movement from your body when compared to other strokes like the butterfly. When done right, this signature Olympian stroke allows you to cover a large distance efficiently. Practice is key to perfecting freestyle. When you have […]

Six Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean during Winter

04 April

During the winter, many families prefer to stay indoors and spend the cold months by the fire. As such, the outdoor pool won’t see much use, if at all. As a responsible homeowner, however, you should not just throw a cover over it and call it a day. If the harsh winter elements can damage […]

Floating in Your Pool to Relax Leads to a Healthier Mind

02 April
Swimming Pools for Spring

Having a pool at home offers a range of benefits. From working out in the comfort of your home to having a nice outdoor sanctuary, there are many reasons to own a pool. According to studies, you can add mental health wellness to the list. Researchers have found that floating in the pool to relax […]

Plunge Pools Make Excellent Therapy Pools

28 March
Backyard Pools

Plunge pools make for excellent therapy pools — small, compact and easy to heat, they have a variety of uses in physiotherapy. Plunge pools are also quick and easy to install and popular among homeowners who want a small-sized pool that encourages healing and relaxation. Due to its minimal space requirements, plunge pools are also […]