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Balance Your Workout with Low-Impact Exercises in the Pool

05 March

A healthy workout routine needs to be balanced — high-impact activities need to be mixed with low-impact activities to let the body recover and to minimise the risk of injury.

High-impact sports, which include running, basketball and weight lifting, can put tremendous strain on your joints and ligaments. Doing the same exercises repeatedly can put excess stress on your body, which is why it is important to vary your routine.

Swimming is the ideal low-impact exercise to give your joints a break and to inject much-needed variety into your routine. A balanced workout gives your muscles and joints a break, while also helping you burn more calories.

Swimming as Part of Your Cross-Training Routine

Cross training is one of the most popular sports philosophies today. While most athletes will typically focus on a specialised field, cross training allows you to train in multiple sports and activities.

The idea behind it is that muscle memory will eventually hinder your progress. By varying your activities, you can keep improving and perform at a better level than before.

Swimming is one of the most popular additions to a cross-training routine because it is so different from other sports. Your body is in a completely different environment — you use every muscle in your body to propel yourself through the water, while simultaneously putting minimal stress on your joints. It is a low-impact, yet intense cardio workout that is a truly unique addition to your workout.

Prepare Your Home for a Balanced Workout

Let Guardian Industries help you prepare your home for a balanced workout. Our fibreglass pool range in Perth lets you maximise your workout at home. We have a selection of lap pools that are just the right length for an intense cardio workout.

We even offer a selection of swim tethers, which allow you to swim laps in a much smaller pool. It is the perfect low-impact, stationary swimming exercise to keep you fit.

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