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Best ICO projects beginning in 2018

17 March

2017 is coming to an end, the market is crypto-currency after the crazy December growth, is in the expected correction. Experts and traders are mainly engaged in analyzing the picture on the monitor screens, which is currently being added. They draw “frying pans”, “head and shoulders”, pull the Fibonacci grid, trying to catch the further movement of Bitcoin.

According to our sensations, the market of crypto-currency in 2018 expects a big growth, to that there are serious prerequisites, and therefore the correction will only improve the market and awaken investors’ appetite for new purchases.

The growth of the market next year, we expect, and therefore do not neglect participation in the ICO, especially in those where early investors are expected to a large income. So, let’s imagine in a nutshell five ico review sites projects appearing on a token in January-February 2018, which in our opinion can bring substantial returns to investors immediately upon entering the stock exchanges.

We will make a reservation that this is only our non-professional opinion, based on the demand for the product that these startups bring to the market, as well as the high level of the HYIP that surrounds these projects. In no case can this article be regarded as a signal to action, everyone decides for themselves what and how to do it. Remember that in the cryptocurrency market you can both increase the amount invested and completely lose everything to the last satosh, and therefore, it is worth investing in ICO only what is not a pity to lose.


Crypto community needs gateways, which will provide an easy and safe way to make purchases and payments by crypto currency at points of sale of goods and services. Today, there are several crude solutions to this problem on the market. As is known, Visa and MasterCard negatively concern that the crypto currency can be paid through their payment system by issuing debit cards. Projects such as TenX, Monaco, Centra are trying to adjust to the requirements of payment systems, but until now they have not been able to fully implement such solutions. Their prepaid cards have at least limitations in use. And yet, the market capitalization of TenX is $ 520 million, and Monaco $ 250 million. The company, which will provide a full-fledged safe and simple payment service using crypto currency.

The Canadian innovative company has developed the STACK platform , offering its customers the ability to make payments through POS-terminals at 33 million points of sales around the world using the STK token and mobile application to the smartphone.

STACK also announced the signing of a partnership with MasterCard .

The main token on which STK tokens will be realized for $ 17 million is set for January 31, 2018. The project has a beta version of the payment solution, which will be launched together with the beginning of the token.

During 2018, STACK intends to provide an opportunity from its STACK crypto-currency purse to make payments using STK tokens in POS terminals of Canadian, US and European sales points.


So far, no one has been able to implement cross-chain solutions that will help to safely and easily exchange tokens and coins between blockboys. With great difficulty there are so-called atomic swaps, no one has a working product, and every project (Litecoin, Komodo ) who carried out the swap loudly declares this, considering one of its major achievements.


The Metronome project has been dealing with this problem for a whole year and many analysts and market experts believe that this startup will cope with this task faster than anyone else. The prerequisite for this is a powerful team of BloqLabs led by the project’s founder Jeff Garzik , who was previously one of Bitcoin’s key developers.

Already before the end of the first quarter, cross-grade working solutions are expected between Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Qtum and Roodstock (a special protocol for the Bitcoin network).

The Metronome team will launch a token on February 5, ICO will be conducted in the form of a decreasing price auction, where the price per one token will decrease from 2 ETH for 1 MTN to the price at which participants will want to purchase a token. The auction will last 7 days or until the distribution of 8 million coins. 2 million coins will be collected by the BloqLabs team and will dispose of them in the interests of the project, but the developers assure that the Metronome ecosystem itself will be decentralized and interference in it will be excluded.

The project team chose an unusual method for conducting ICO and it is necessary to comprehend both the pros and cons of such distribution of coins, as well as deal with the mechanism of token inflation, according to which 2880 MTN will be daily minted and launched at Metronome to maintain liquidity and stabilize the MTN exchange rate.