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Building a Lap Pool on Limited Space and Budget? Yes, It’s Possible

18 August

Swimming has always been the most popular form of water-based exercise and lap pools are some of the most popular venues for this activity. Unfortunately, many backyards aren’t large enough to house a full-sized lap pool. Enter the short lap pool.

Lap Pool

Short lap pools

Short lap pools provide an alternative lap pool swimming space that allows for multiple flip or open turns and push-offs against the wall. Short lap pools can measure 9 to 12 meters in length, and at least 2 meters wide. Homeowners might want to build shorter-sized lap pools carrying these measurements if they don’t have the space or budget for a large pool.

What about depth?

A lap pool needs to be deep enough so your fingers and toes don’t scrape the bottom while you’re swimming. That being said, make sure the depth is at least 1 metre.

You don’t have to stick with tradition

Lap pools generally come in rigid rectangular shapes, yet there’s no reason you can’t have exercise and fun all in one package. If you have a family, consider a lap pool with steps where your family can lounge around while you practice your strokes. A lap pool installer in Perth, such as Guardian Pools, offers several designs that might interest you.

Things to keep in mind

First of all, you’ll have to decide on a budget for your swimming pool. Keep in mind that in-ground pool installation costs will vary depending on shape, size, and material. In this respect, fibreglass pools are some of the most affordable options, not to mention the most durable when well-installed and maintained. Second, determine the purposes you want your pool to serve, whether for exercise alone or for recreation as well.

Last but not least, be sure to identify what options you’d want in your pool. You can, for example, opt to install a Swim Tether system which will provide a fantastic endless lap swimming experience, perfect for smaller pools.

Trusted pool installers

Companies like Guardian Pools in Perth have a wide variety of pool designs in their inventory to fill an equally wide variety of needs, including plunge pools, geometric pools, kidney-shaped pools and more.


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