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Pool Maintenance When You Have a Dog that Loves to Swim

13 September
Dog Swimming

Dog lovers who are also pool owners have two major concerns about letting their dogs swim: cleaning the pool and the dog’s safety. This comes with the questions of how to keep their fur from clogging the filters and which cleaning products are safe for dogs. If you really want your four-legged friend to enjoy […]

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being a Pool Owner

28 August
girl on swimming pool

Big or small, a swimming pool is a wonderful addition to your home. Whether you are planning to get a sizeable lap pool or a modest, space-saving plunge pool, here are five reasons why you will love being a pool owner: It’s the best form of exercise There is no doubt that swimming is one […]

Plunge Pools: The Best Heating Options

24 August
plunge pool

Despite the number of Olympians from the country, swimming is more than just a sport for Australians. In Perth, homeowners invest in plunge pools and make them their outdoor centrepiece for everyone to enjoy. When it gets too chilly to go for a swim, however, homeowners look for reliable sources of warmth to heat their […]

Health Benefits of Regular Morning Swimming Routine

20 July
girl swimming

Early mornings are arguably one of the best ways to enjoy a swim in your backyard swimming pool. Whether you have a lap pool or a plunge pool, a regular swim routine is a great way to start the day, no matter the size of your pool. Swimming is not only good for the body but good […]

5 Fun Pool Games You Can Enjoy with Your Family

31 May
Mother and Child Playing in the Pool

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Australia. In fact, the country is home to some of the world’s greatest swimmers, including Ian Thorpe and Mack Horton. It’s no surprise, then, that in a country in love with the activity, pools are a common home feature. Taking days off and spending time with […]

Balance Your Workout with Low-Impact Exercises in the Pool

05 March
Pool Exercise

A healthy workout routine needs to be balanced — high-impact activities need to be mixed with low-impact activities to let the body recover and to minimise the risk of injury. High-impact sports, which include running, basketball and weight lifting, can put tremendous strain on your joints and ligaments. Doing the same exercises repeatedly can put […]

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Plunge Pools Make Lasting Impressions in Little Spaces

23 February
Plunge Pool

Thinking about whether or not to install a pool at your home in Perth? If you’re still on the fence, consider this: Swimming pools offer numerous benefits, from stimulating blood circulation to increasing your property’s market value. With that said, maybe it is high time you have one installed at home. If your primary concern […]

Excellent Pool Exercises for Pregnant Women

24 January
Lap Pool

The arrival of a new baby is always an exciting period. During this delicate time, it is important to stay healthy and to exercise regularly, without straining yourself too much. If you are an expectant mother, pool exercises are perfect, because you can enjoy fun and safe water workouts without having to worry about the […]

Swimming is a Great Exercise for Seniors

03 January
Perfect Exercise for Seniors

Seniors can be prone to health issues and, while they are strongly advised to keep fit, the physical activities they can engage in are quite limited. Strenuous exercises may cause exhaustion and lead to further health problems. Swimming, however, is one exercise which seniors can enjoy while working on their fitness. It has a number […]

A Lap Pool: The Home Addition You Never Knew You Needed

22 December
Lap Pool

Fitness activities were popular throughout 2016 and will no doubt continue to be in 2017. As we kick off the new year with hot summer days across Western Australia, consider swimming laps as part of your regular workout. It keeps you in shape and combats the heat. A Private Workout Sanctuary for Your Fitness Needs […]