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Two Innovative and Space-Efficient Fibreglass Pool Designs for Your Home

30 August
Backyard kidney-shaped pool

Homeowners with small or oddly-shaped gardens might feel that purchasing a pool is out of the question. However, many tiny backyards across Australia accommodate gorgeous pools that are not only functional but also stylish. Pools don’t necessarily have to be large to be the perfect fit for your home. By choosing the right kind of […]

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Choosing the Right Colour For Your Pool

11 January
a backyard pool

There are many ways to make your swimming pool look more stylish. You may add a waterfall, a tanning ledge or some warm lights. These three features add a touch of class to your pool and backyard. One of the most overlooked features of a pool is its finish, the colour of the pool. A […]

Swimming Pool Prices in Perth Have Never Been Better

04 January
couple in pool

In Australia, it is common for a household to have a pool in the back garden. Pools provide a cool retreat from the summer heat, a way to keep fit, something to wear out the kids and a fun way to throw a party. They transform spaces into havens of leisure and relaxation, inevitably improving […]

Which Inground Pool Is Right For You?

29 June
Liner Pool

A swimming pool is an excellent investment for you and your family and gives you unlimited hours of fun and exercise. If you plan to install a pool of your own, consider getting an inground pool. Inground pools give you more control over the depth of your pool and provide better support for the basin. […]

Lounge Life 101: Having Your Own Pool

22 September

Put it any way you like, owning a pool is more about relaxation than many other reasons. Would a pool help you stay active? It will, but not as much as it will help you unwind after work. Will it help you save money during the summer? Yes it will, but not as much as […]

The New Comet Swimming Pool!

07 April
Comet Swimming Pool Release

Comet Swimming Pool Release We’ve just released our new Comet Swimming pool. The Comet is 5.6m x 2m and will fit most backyards, especially those with narrow spaces. Its sleek lines and spa bench make it the ideal entertainer for any family home. Available in a range of colours and finishes to suit any backyard, […]

The New Saturn Swimming Pool!

07 April
guardian swimming pools

New Saturn Swimming Pool Release Guardian Pools are proud to announce the release of the new Saturn swimming pool. The pools dimensions are 8m length x 3m width with a spa bench running down the entire length of the pool. A nice depth of 1.85m in the deep end makes it perfect for diving, long […]