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Choose Lap Pools or Splash Pools for Backyards with Unusual Shapes

23 November

When you don’t have a standard size or shape backyard your dreams of fitting a large swimming pool may seem a little ambitious. The good news is these days a plethora of swimming pool shapes and sizes are available to suit even the most compact backyard. Ensure you check out the latest styles of plunge pool and lap pool designs in Perth and explore the amazing colours and finishes available.

Choose Lap Pools or Splash Pools for Backyards with Unusual Shapes


Shallow Pools

Families with young children, couples and empty nesters can take advantage of a wide range of pools providing shallow sections for children to play safely, spa benches for lounging and relaxing, while also giving keen swimmers plenty of space for swimming laps.

Pools with the Right Length

If swimming measured distances in laps is your preferred exercise, you’ll need to make sure your lap pool has a length that makes it easy to translate the laps swum into mileage distances and also the depth needs to be sufficient for flip turns, so you don’t need to interrupt your swim routine in any way.

Recreational Swimming

If you plan to use your pool for recreational purposes, games and potential diving and splash jumps, ensure your pool is deep enough to accommodate all kinds of activities. If you want to exercise and your swimming routine demands regular lap swimming a lap pool is the obvious choice to make the best option for your garden.

Many custom additions are available to create the pool and landscaping space you really want in your backyard. Waterfalls, Fountains, LED Lighting and garden planters are just some of the features that can be added to ensure the best place to be any time of year is relaxing in the backyard with some friends, great food, fine wine and a BBQ fired up for happy party times.

You can opt for a variety of attractive finishes and colours for your swimming pool to ensure it suits your backyard and individual style. Take time to explore all the options available and ensure you speak with a reputable pool builder in Perth like Guardian Pools for your lap or plunge pool requirements. You can be sure you’ll find the best pool to suit your needs, at prices you can afford.


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