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Choosing a Perth Swimming Pool Design that’s Perfect for Your Yard

12 June

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a pool built right away and dive into the cool refreshing waters at any time you please? With so many great options to consider, though, choosing the right pool design for your home is often not an easy call to make. You will need to decide based on certain factors.

Perth Swimming Pool

Consider your budget

To avoid delays, it’s best to know exactly how much money you can put into the project before choosing your design. A smaller pool will typically entail a less costly investment than a bigger pool. Budget considerations aside, a fibreglass pool always offers great value for your money as it is easy to install yet typically entails minimal maintenance.

Consider your home’s design

The design of your pool must complement the overall look of your home. If your home has a largely traditional design, for example, you may want classic pool shapes and finishes, and vice versa. Take inspiration from design sites and magazines, or talk to a Perth swimming pool manufacturer and builder like Guardian Pools for the kind of pool design and features that suit your property.

Consider the landscape

The surrounding landscape is another home feature that should be factored into your pool design. If your landscaping has already been laid down, talk to your pool builder about a pool design that can easily be integrated into your outdoor space. On the other hand, if the landscaping is to be carried out along with pool installation, you’ll have more freedom to choose the pool’s design.

Consider the purpose

Do you plan to use your pool for recreational purposes or for athletic training? Recreational pools are designed with children’s safety in mind, and that is why they have sloped floors with shallow ends. Meanwhile, lap pools for athletes have the same depth all throughout.


Consider the above pointers as crucial decision points when choosing the best swimming pool design for your property. Established pool companies in Perth like Guardian Pools can provide you with the quality fibreglass pool product and installation you need. With them working on your pool, you can have a backyard oasis that’s sure to leave your neighbours gaping in awe.

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