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Chromecast – The Future Is In Your Pocket

28 July

Introduction: Google Inc. first came out with Chromecast in 2013 and dominated the market in all the positive waves for more than three years. The Chromecast is a small, portable dongle like media player that has made the lives of a thousand loyal Google customers much easier. It is a device that enables a user to stream, in real time, any audio-visual media content from a smaller device such as a mobile phone or private PC, onto a larger screening device such as a how to setup chromecast on tv, in high definition. This is made viable through the Google Cast technology, that helps the user ‘cast’ or mirror such media content on a larger level. It has 3 models so far:

  1. First Generation (2013),
  2. Second Generation (2015), and
  3. Chromecast Ultra (2016)

Alongside these features, a user can streamline and mirror content from a larger device onto a smaller one as well. The device is very portable and small, easy to carry around and very user friendly to use.

The Software

When the device was launched, only a limited number of apps were compatible with its streaming services. These included YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Music and Google Play TV & Movies. Google gave away many Google Cast Software Development Kits (SDKs) to help other niche apps to become compatible with the cast system, thereby increasing their own production rates and helping them grow substantially in the media market. Although the distribution of these kits was not allowed by Google to maintain the upper hand and slowly establish a monopoly on the narrow streaming sector.

Over time, many more applications had been updated to support Chromecast. By 2014 itself, the company announced having close to 6,000 registered developers who were working on developing over 10,000 Google Cast apps. In one year alone, this number doubled.

Response and Critique

The device has been generously praised for simplicity and potential for app support and similar services in the future. Google had also released modifications on the product in 2014, making it widely preferred and extremely user-friendly. Much over 30 Million units of the device have been sold all over the world since Chromecast was launched, making it the best-selling streaming device in the United States in 2014. It has also successfully streamlined and managed more than 1.5 billion streaming requests since it entered the market.

The device was voted as ‘Best Product of the Year, 2013’ by Digital Trends followed by many laurels to its creators as well as to Google Inc. itself. Google even provided the winners of Emmy Awards with Chromecasts in 2015.


Google Chromecast is definitely a league of its own when it comes to the future of multimedia and connecting multiple devices together. Clients have migrated from different Operating Systems to the realm of Google Cast, identifying all the benefits and ease of access it gives them. The Cast system is definitely going to be a fan favorite in the market, for several years to come.