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Cleaner Pools: Easy-to-Follow Maintenance Tips for Swimming Pools

30 November

Keeping the swimming pool clean and sparkling need not be a cumbersome undertaking as many would think. Swimming pools are constructed differently and therefore their maintenance requirements will also differ. However, one thing is common to their maintenance: regular and routine care is vital.

Cleaner Pools: Easy-to-Follow Maintenance Tips for Swimming Pools

Skim Pool Debris

Skimming the surface of your pool every couple of days by hand is one of the easiest ways of keeping it clean. Use a leaf skimmer or hand skimmer for removing bugs, leaves and other unwanted floating debris which may eventually sink and become harder to get rid of.

Regularly Check and Test the Water

Water gets lost largely due to evaporation and factors like splashing and pool exiting. Make sure it never goes below the skimmer level to ensure efficient operation of your pool filtration system. Your pools water level should sit half way up the mouth of your skimmer box.

Check the Pump

The pool pump is an essential component of the pools filtration system that circulates the water, and aids in keeping the pool clean and functioning optimally. Ensure the pump basket is cleaned regularly and the seal around the lid is free of debris.

Check the Filter

It is essential to clean the pool filter or backwash regularly. A dirty filter will greatly reduce the flow of water from the pump returning to the pool and may enable the build up of algae in your pool. Follow the guidelines provided from the equipment manufacturer or your pool builder or service provider. The most common types of filters used today are cartridge and sand filters.

Brush the Pool Walls

Regularly brushing the pool walls and floor will help cut down the build-up of algae and other debris. The material used in making your swimming pool walls dictates the type of cleaning tools to be employed. Select a softer brush for your fibreglass, tile or vinyl pool walls and a harsher brush for concrete and plaster.
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