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Common Factors that Affect Fibreglass Swimming Pool Installation Costs

12 April

An in-ground fibreglass pool is one of the best gifts you can give to your kids. Swimming is fun and a lot of children enjoy it. With many pool companies in Perth vying for your business choosing the right company can be a difficult decision and one which will hopefully lead to you being happy and satisfied with the entire purchase and installation process. Understanding factors that will affect the general cost of installing a fibreglass pool in your backyard can help in selecting the right builder.

Material Quality

Various manufacturers use different materials and manufacturing techniques in the construction of fibreglass pools. Materials of higher quality will cost more and last longer. Remember that there will be filtration equipment as well as other items such as pool cleaners and sanitisation equipment included. The quality and size of equipment provided will add to the cost of installation.

Fibreglass Pool


The size of a pool will determine how much material it needs. Generally the larger the pool the more material required to manufacture. Make sure your swimming pool caters to all your family’s needs and the size suits your yard. Having the biggest swimming pool in Perth should not be your driving ambition.

Installation Costs

Some yards require removal of objects, trees and other structures prior to the installation process. Other issues can be an uneven ground level which requires leveling or retaining walls. If there are fixtures running underground such as sewer lines and power, extra care and precautions are needed. If builders require the use a rock breaker to break through rock when digging the hole for your pool, that will also add extra time and costs to the installation process. Consider the placement of your pool carefully and how much work that it will necessitate.


In Australia, regulations require pool fencing for children’s safety. The type of fence you choose will determine the cost. Some fencing materials such as aluminium and wood are reasonably cheap but do not look as good as the more expensive frameless glass fencing.

Consider the above carefully and make sure you do not exceed your budget. Giving careful consideration to your needs and wants will help ensure you have the perfect pool to suit your budget.

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