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Decorating Your Backyard Pool: 6 Ideas Worth Embracing

20 October

Are you planning to give your swimming pool a makeover? Here are some ideas that will turn your backyard pool from ordinary to extraordinary.

Let Nature Set the Mood

If you want that natural and relaxing feel around your pool, try decorating the area using natural materials. Stones, potted plants, nature-inspired torches and wooden furniture are among your best options.

If you are designing or decorating a backyard pool, hiring a landscape artist would be a great idea. A landscaped pool never fails to soothe the eyes, relax the mind and lift the spirit. You can likewise add flowerbeds and big rocks to create a more natural look and feel.


Make It Simple

This is optional, but worth trying, and you will probably love the result. A simple and minimalist design could be your best option, particularly if your home and the entire outdoor area feature modern elements. Plain coloured flooring with white, yellow or blue lighting is sure to match a rectangular, square, round or custom shaped backyard pool.

Balance is Key

Symmetry works all the time, particularly for swimming pools that boast traditional and Mediterranean designs. Matching decors, furnishings and other elements will add beauty to the entire surroundings.

Living Area by the Pool

You want your pool to be a perfect area for relaxation and bonding. Try adding a daybed or an outdoor setting to create the ambience you want. This will make the pool area an extension of your outdoor patio living space.

Colour Matching

It is important that the colour of the pool decors and accent features match that of the house. Our pool designers and installers will help you choose the right colour combination for your swimming pool area.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Accentuate everything with proper lighting, both in the pool and the surroundings. Use safe and energy saving lighting fixtures to achieve balance between aesthetics and efficiency.

When it comes to designing and decorating your residential pool area, imagination is the limit. If you are not sure which would work for your space, give Guardian Industries a call. We will assist you in any way possible and handle the installation job for your safety, satisfaction and peace of mind.