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Different Ways Fiberglass Pools Can Be Beneficial to Young Children

09 October

Like any other Perth resident, you know for a fact that the weather is generally warm for most of the year. For this reason, it should not be entirely surprising to hear about friends and neighbours getting in touch with pool companies. Yet apart from the warm and sunny Mediterranean climate, you might have a more compelling reason to have a pool installed: your children.

Swimming is an enjoyable fitness and play activity for most children, though fun is only the beginning.

Health Benefits

Kids who learn to swim at an early age develop distinct physical and emotional health advantages. In terms of physical health, swimming keeps a child’s lungs and heart healthy, develops strength and flexibility, improves posture and balance, and increases stamina, according to Swimming also helps battle childhood obesity. On the emotional side, swimming helps children feel more self-assured.

Other Advantages

In addition to the above, swimming is also a great early socialisation activity for children as it helps them gain friends and teaches them how to cooperate with other people at a young age. Swimming may also be a life-saving skill they may need one day.

Those daily dips in your backyard can also be your child’s introduction to the sport. Furthermore, this fun and relaxing activity may introduce them to a healthy lifestyle that they’ll likely keep up well into adulthood.

When to Start

With all these great benefits in mind, what is not to love about swimming? That being said, another question might come to mind: At what age should your child learn how to swim?

Experts have different takes on the matter, with some offering programmes for babies as young as six months old. At such an early stage, you can hold out on formal swimming lessons and instead focus on introducing your child to water, as pointed out by By the age of four, your child should be at an appropriate developmental level to learn the skills necessary for staying afloat.

Build a Swimming Pool at Home

Proper supervision, coupled with the right swimming pool design, is vital to ensuring a child-appropriate swimming environment. Companies such as Guardian Pools specialise in the installation of durable fiberglass pools with non-abrasive surfaces that minimise the risk of injury.


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