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Emerging Swimming Pool Design Trends

16 August

Swimming pool designs are always changing —pools tend to evolve along with home designs, and adapt to people’s changing needs and lifestyles. Your swimming pool should reflect your own personal tastes and complement your home.

Are you looking to upgrade your swimming pool? In need of some inspiration?

Take a look at some of the emerging swimming pool design trends this year:

Dark Waters

One popular trend among swimming pool owners is the incorporation of new, trendy colours, particularly dark ones such as black and deep blue. In the past, the only colours available for pool interiors were white and a pale blue — this gave the pool a sparkling blue tinge, which is what we usually visualise when we think of pool water.

Darker pools, however, impart a deeper, almost mysterious colour to your pool. It looks elegant and refined and offers a stunning contrast to a lush, green garden. Here at Guardian Industries, we cater to this Perth Pool trend with our own selection of black and deep blue colour finishes, including Night Blue, Diamond Blue, Twilight, and Midnight. Midnight is our darkest colour — a sparkling black from our Shimmer Colour range.

Mediterranean Charm

Homeowners today love incorporating a bit of Mediterranean charm to their gardens. Lush succulents and warm terra cotta features give your garden a sophisticated edge. Of course, a Mediterranean garden needs a Mediterranean inspired pool too — Grecian pools are the perfect accompaniment to a Mediterranean garden thanks to its sharp, geometric shapes.

We have several Greek-inspired pools in our pool range, including the Venus, Apollo, Orion, Athena, Olympia, and the compact Mini Grecian pool.

Take the Plunge — Indoors

Plunge pools are trendy this year, especially for those who want to try their hand at building an indoor pool. Plunge pools are small pools that can incorporate jets of water that produce a current, allowing you to swim laps while staying in place. They are compact and fit practically anywhere — indoors, under the patio, or in the garden corner.

If you have enjoyed any of these trends, contact us today, and we will help you find the pool that is right for you.