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Enjoying Hot Summers in Perth: The Benefits of Fibreglass Pools

04 January

In the past, pools were considered to be somewhat of a luxury due to their price. Times have indeed changed and now many homeowners can enjoy the advantages offered by fibreglass designs. Let us have a quick look at some of the primary reasons why these models have proven to be so very popular.

As mentioned previously, fibreglass pools are notably cheaper in relation to other types such as stone, concrete/tile or gunite. A fibreglass pool can be installed in a fraction of the time that would be necessary for these other materials which are far more labour intensive.

Low Porosity

Fibreglass Pools are non-porous and smooth to the touch. Why is this important in terms of a pool? Porous substances such as concrete and plaster absorb the chemicals that are used to treat the water. Calcium levels, Total Alkalinity and pH levels all need to be balanced carefully so as not to cause problems with the pools surface. The surface of a fibreglass pool does not react to chemicals in the water.

Easy Maintenance

Fibreglass is very easy to clean and requires much less effort when compared to other types of surfaces. Their smooth surface makes it difficult for algae and other bacteria to adhere to the walls, unlike concrete and plaster.

Fibreglass pools are flexible and able to withstand ground movement. Concrete or other rigid materials may result in costly and time-consuming repairs.

With temperatures reaching far above 30ºC in Perth during the height of the summer, it only makes sense that the most functional pool is chosen. There are numerous different dimensions and designs to choose from, especially from Perth pool companies like Guardian Pools with the largest pool display centre in WA, so even the most unique demands can normally be met with ease. Boasting quick installation, a lower overall cost and superior levels of durability, it is no wonder that fibreglass pools are the pools of choice for homeowners hoping to make the most out of the summer season.
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