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Enter the World of Swimming By Way of a Perth Lap Pool in Your Home

15 April

Many amateur and pro swimmers regard the first mile (or 1.61 km) as a fitting introduction to swimming. The one-mile swim meet is like your typical marathon, where thousands of swimmers compete for that brief moment of glory. From there, some eventually progress to advanced swimming events like the annual 20-km Rottnest Channel Swim.

Enter the World of Swimming By Way of a Perth Lap Pool in Your Home

To get you started, here’s an easy-to-follow, basic one-mile training plan as described by Emily Bibb in PopSugar’s Fitness section. The programme is divided into four weeks, each with four workout phases and a certain number of metres to complete. By the end of the fourth week, you should be swimming a total equivalent of one swimming mile. As with any rigorous exercise campaign ensure you consult with a Health Professional or Qualified Trainer prior to starting your training plan.

Week Warmup Endurance Intervals Warmdown Total
1 200m 400m 200m 100m 900m
2 200m 600m 300m 100m 1200m
3 300m 600m 400m 100m 1400m
4 400m 600m 400m 200m 1600m

You can achieve a 200m warm-up in your first week by swimming 20 x 10m laps. Since a typical lap pool in Perth homes measures around 10 metres in length, you’ll need to swim at least 160 laps to reach one mile. Fortunately, lap swimming isn’t supposed to be done continuously. You can rest between each workout phase, either as needed or for a fixed length of time. Follow the above plan for three times a week, with a rest day in between.

With a lap pool in your own backyard, you’ll have much more freedom to plan your workouts than if you were to wait for your turn at a public swimming pool. You can focus on your form while doing a few laps and develop your breathing and other swimming skills. With each workout, train yourself to breathe alternately while executing each stroke with perfect form.

Meanwhile, if you have limited backyard space, you can opt for a plunge pool with a built-in water heating system and a powerful water swim jet that lets you swim against a steady current instead of doing laps. Pool builders like Guardian Pools can set up lap and plunge pools for Perth homes to help you get started on lap swimming training. Aside from fibreglass pools, such companies also offer training accessories like the Swim Tether that help you develop your form without sinking.


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