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Established Perth Pool Companies Take Dream Vacation Experiences Home

09 December

Swimming is a great way to refresh yourself during periods of extreme heat, and Perth is known to have the most number of sunny days annually among Australian capital cities. As its Mediterranean-style climate makes for great sight-seeing and other outdoor activities, the capital of Western Australia is now becoming a favourite tourist destination, as stated in an article on the ABC website dated October 25, 2014. The feature notes that Perth—once known for its resources—is now focused on leisure tourism:

Before the turn of the decade, Perth’s international travel market saw annual growth figures of nearly 15 per cent.

Tourism Council chief executive Evan Hall said the recovering growth was highly encouraging as it pointed to improvement in the vacation market.

“We’re seeing a real change in the market. Over the previous three to four years international travel in and out of WA was really being driven by the resources sector,” he said.

“That’s really changing now. As the resources sector declines we’re seeing leisure tourism come back.

“It will take some time but yes it is sustainable and it won’t go through the peaks and troughs that business travel does.”

Mr Hall said the improving economic fortunes of key markets – such as the United Kingdom, Europe and United States – was the main driving factor.

International travel to and from Perth increases to its best level in years

Perth’s numerous resorts and hotels all boast luxurious pools that are extremely popular with tourists. Locals, however, do not need to be tourists in their own country to experience the glamour of swimming in a fancy pool if they have one installed right in their own backyard. Homeowners interested in having their own stylish pool installed should seek creative Perth pool companies that have an extensive catalogue of designer pools in a range of great shapes, colours and finishes.

Those looking for pools that sport elegant designs and functional shapes should consider purchasing fibreglass pools. Unlike concrete pools, which are built from scratch into the ground or on a raised location, pools made from fibreglass are factory built and only require careful installation which can be completed quickly. Additionally, fibreglass pools are already outfitted with features such as raised steps and spa benches—versatile features that still need to be built into concrete pools. Fibreglass pools in Perth should only be purchased from reputable companies such as Guardian Pools so that customers will be assured of a quality product that provides long lasting enjoyment for many years and looks good.

(Source: International travel to and from Perth increases to its best level in years,, Oct. 25, 2014)