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Excellent Pool Exercises for Pregnant Women

24 January

The arrival of a new baby is always an exciting period. During this delicate time, it is important to stay healthy and to exercise regularly, without straining yourself too much.

If you are an expectant mother, pool exercises are perfect, because you can enjoy fun and safe water workouts without having to worry about the risk of injury. You can use any kind of pool for your water exercises, whether you have a lap pool or a lounge pool.

Lap Pool

Here are some excellent pool exercises that you can do while pregnant:

Warm Up

Before starting your workout, you should always do warm up exercises to get your heart rate up. Do a few gentle stretches before you climb into the water, and then begin with a few simple exercises. Squats, knee lifts, and back leg curls are all ideal warm up exercises you can do in the water. Your warm up should take at least five to 10 minutes before moving on to the next part of your water workout.

Water Jacks

Water jacks work best in chest level water. You start with your legs apart, and with your arms stretched out sideways, under the water. Just like regular jumping jacks, you jump by bringing your legs together, but instead of moving your arms upwards, you press your arms downward.

Take care to keep your head above the water during this exercise, making sure to breathe evenly in rhythm with your movements. Keep your body straight, and repeat this exercise for at least one minute.


Treading works best if you have a deeper pool. Use a pool noodle or the side of the pool to stabilise yourself, making sure to keep your baby bump clear from the side of the pool. Begin kicking your feet in the water, as though you were swimming. Try to keep your head afloat while treading water, and do this for five minutes. Rest if you get tired.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts use the natural resistance of the water to strengthen your muscles. Leg cramps are common during pregnancy because of the extra weight, which is why leg lifts are ideal for minimising their occurrence.

Start by extending your legs forward, lifting it as high as possible, without going over your comfort zone. Keep your foot straight but do not point your toes, as you may trigger a cramp. Do this on both legs, doing several repetitions for at least one minute.

Cool Down

After completing all of your exercises, you should always do cool down exercises before getting out of the pool. Just repeat your warm up exercises, slowing down until your heart rate normalises.

The great thing about water exercises is that they create a natural resistance as you move through the water, all while supporting the rest of your body. This is great for mothers whose muscles feel strained and tired because of the additional baby weight. It also helps you keep cool in the summer, so there is less risk of overheating.

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