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Expertly Built Perth Swimming Pools: Creating Your Backyard Mini Oasis

17 April

In spite of unprecedented growth and sprawling developments, masterful urban planning has helped make Perth one of the world’s most liveable cities (according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index). A warm climate, easy access to nature, and a wide array of outdoor recreational activities also come together to make the city such an enticing place.

Expertly Built Perth Swimming Pools Creating Your Backyard Mini Oasis

Perth residents can replicate the region’s abundant natural beauty by transforming their own backyards into a miniature paradise. At the centre of it all would be fibreglass Perth swimming pools that come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, perfect for your own watering hole. Here are some design tips you may want to consider.

Curved Pools

You’d be hard-pressed to find a natural watering hole with a perfectly symmetrical shape, so a curved pool design would suit the theme. Pool manufacturers like Guardian Pools can build asymmetric or kidney-shaped pool shells. Curved pools are also perfect for small spaces, which are becoming more common along with Perth’s shrinking lot sizes.


Construct a real-rock waterfall alongside your pool for a nature-inspired feature. You can have the waterfall installed either on the pool’s edge or a bit farther away. Such a water feature not only provides a relaxing ambience but also keeps the water moving, which in turn prevents unwanted organisms like algae from proliferating.


The pool may be the centrepiece, whilst the foliage serves as the backdrop of the entire design theme. At any rate, avoid plants with aggressive root systems as they can encroach upon the plumbing and pool wall, thereby inflicting damage. If there’s no avoiding this, be sure to put up a root barrier to divert tree root growth away from the pool wall.

Once the pool is installed, the remaining free space needs to be spruced up. At any rate, trust a company like Guardian Pools to help you choose the right product from amongst a diverse selection of swimming pools for sale in Perth. Likewise, count on such a company to install an expertly manufactured pool with utmost precision so that you can enjoy your mini-oasis for many years.


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