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Facetime Calling Issues And Their Fixes

03 August

Using iPhone or iPad? Apple is one of the best brand names in the recent market. People are so obsessed about the iPhone. Even if someone does not have iPhone he or she tries to buy it through financing. Facetime is the big fascination of iPhone lovers. Download Facetime For Android is software through which one can make a video call or an audio call. It has brought far nearer. You will not feel that your loved one is staying in distance. But as we all know that every good has a bad part, here also same. Facetime is a simple application through which you can do audio-video both the call but with those users who are also using facetime.

But sometimes it is really frustrating. Several issues the users have to face. Technical issues. User’s complaint about the calling issues mostly. Like when you call somebody or you want to pick the call that time you face issues, some people face connection errors and sometimes you will see that the application of facetime won’t show on your display. Here we will show you some of the issues and there fixes.

Issues in call making or receiving

One thing people do not know that facetime is not available in the entire region. One thing people do not know that facetime is not available in the entire region. You can cross check it. Where face time is not available where you might face problem in call making, or if facetime is available and still there are some making issues then go through the below-mentioned solution. 

Option 1 that you can follow:

  • Make sure that in your device facetime can run or enable you can say. To enable the facetime to go to the setting and then to the facetime. Check if the toggle bar shows as green or not. If it is green that means it is enabled and if it is white that means it is not enabled. The toggle is required to enable the Software.
  • Once you did the above-mentioned step then check out whether the camera of your device whether it is iPhone or iPad is enabled with the facetime or not in the restrictions settings. To do this you need to go to the settings tab and from the setting tab to the general. Click on the restrictions and make sure whether the facetime and camera both are working or not
  • This is the last step, check your internet connection, that should be active and should work properly. Because without internet facetime will not work

Option 2 Restart the device

This is the simple step that one can follow to place call properly. Sometimes the device does not work properly, so if you restart the device it may work. Press on the sleep or wake button of the device. A slider will appear on your screen. You need to restart your device by sliding it. Once you devise restart again check whether the facetime works properly or not. Most of the time it will work

Problem 2:

In the setting facetime on your device Several time you might face a problem with your face time that it is able to make call often? What is the reason? The reason is it is not available in the setting menu. You might have noticed that facetime toggling is off and on. It is not that you cannot fix it, we will show you some tips to fix it.

Tips for fixing

  • Go to the setting option first.
  • After going to the setting option choose the general tab.
  • Next, from general go to the restrictions tab.
  • In the restriction tab you will find that “turn off for the face time” it means enabling the apple video calling software facetime Usually this solution will resolve your problem and you can easily see the facetime option in your setting. If still, the option is not working then surely you need to restore the device like a new one. It will delete the device data for sure but your audio and video call will do. If you want to want your old data to take the back up before all this process. Otherwise, it will wipe up everything. Once you reset the device your facetime will work.