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Factors to Consider When Designing Perth Swimming Pools for Your Home

30 January

Your home’s swimming pool is a long-term investment. If you want to make the most out of your money, you have to optimise its aesthetic appeal. When choosing among the variety of Perth swimming pool sales design and features available in the market, here are important factors to consider:

Swimming Pool Patio Designs

People in the house

Who is going to use the pool? A family with small children may incorporate slides and water features in the design. For retirees, the pool can be designed for exercise, lap swimming, and therapy. For the young adults, it can be fitted for swimming sports and hangout purposes.


Think of how people will move around the pool. How close should it be to the supplies shed, the guest entrance, the changing room, and the food preparation area? Where would you place the sun bathing area in relation to the splash zone? How many people do you want to make space for in case you’re thinking of hosting pool parties?


Do you have a theme for your pool? Maybe you’d like it to be kid-oriented to entertain neighbours for some fun time with your little ones. Or perhaps you want it to convey an elegant appeal to awe guests on formal gatherings. Rock waterfalls, huts, sun decks, detached spas, pool side lounge—these are just some of the embellishments to enliven your design. Make sure, though, that your pool will blend well with the rest of your house.


Determine what you’ll need to keep the pool clean, how often you’ll have to clean it, when you’ll need to top up with water, and what accessories would be necessary protect it from extreme weather. Also, take note that the degree of maintenance can vary depending on the material your pool is made of. Fibreglass Perth swimming pools, such as those from Guardian Pools, do not have the problem of algal formation that is common in concrete pools, as the laminated surface makes the pool more durable and smooth-looking.


Slips are among the most common causes of pool accidents and injury. Make sure that your pool steps and edge beams have non-slip treads and that the floors are finished with non-slip patterns. Also, see to it that the walls are safe by eliminating obstructions that can cause injury.


Always go for credible manufacturers that have long industry experience because they are likely to have come up with more effective technologies to deal with common pool construction problems. Read reviews and testimonials and compare the rates among your top prospects.

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