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Fiberglass Pools in Perth: Important Facts and Tips You Need to Know

07 March

With Perth’s summer weather rocketing over 40 degrees Celsius on some days, it’s good to know that there are dependable Perth pool companies, such as Guardian Pools, which can finally make your pool ownership dreams come true. Fiberglass pools, for one, are among the most popular choices due to the advantages they provide, from quick installation, competitive pricing and ease of maintenance.

Fibreglass Pools: Pros and Cons

Fibreglass pools have many advantages. Once upon a time, they were considered to be unappealing, with white and light blue being the only colour choice and finish available. These days, a wide variety of colours and finishes are available to suit even the most discerning pool buyer, not to mention the plethora of shapes and sizes to choose from. There is bound to be the pool with the right size, shape, colour and finish to suit your home perfectly.

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What size pool do I need?

The size of your yard and other fixtures and fittings present will determine the size pool you will be able to fit. Access will also need to be checked to ensure the pool can be installed in your yard. Fiberglass pools are available in loads of different shapes and sizes so depending on the space available and whether or not you want a pool to swim laps, have family fun, or use it for your fitness regime will impact your choice of pool. Some people have large families and want to entertain on a regular basis so they choose the largest pool possible to fit in the space they have available. Others will choose a small plunge pool so they can heat the pool economically and perform daily exercise routines against a swim jet or have a swim tether system installed enabling them to swim an endless lap in their swimming pool. Have a good think about what the main purpose of installing your swimming pool is.

Pool Installation: Leave It to the Pros

For a would-be do-it-yourself fibreglass pool installer, there’s a number of steps involved that can be difficult or impossible for anything but an experienced team. There’s a lot of complex machinery involved: digging tools, bobcats, cranes, trucks and so on. Making sure the pool is installed correctly from the start is the most important part of ensuring the longevity and enjoyment of your new swimming pool. Be sure to check out the latest range of fiberglass pools in Perth from leading professional pool companies like Guardian Pools. Having the largest display centre in WA will provide you with plenty of options.


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