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Fiberglass Pools in Perth: Tips for Boosting Your Property’s Value

20 April

The issue of whether or not a pool addition enhances property value is hotly debated around the world. For citizens of Perth, Western Australia, the argument in favour of this notion is seemingly victorious. Pool ownership in the city is above the national average (12% of Aussies have a pool at home) as 18% of households have their own private watering holes.

Fiberglass Pools in Perth Tips for Boosting Your Property’s Value

The region experiences hot summers, after all, and a lot of West Australians consider swimming as the best way to cool off. Not surprisingly, homes with existing pools are quite enticing to a lot of property buyers. Adding a pool to your Perth home is indeed a sensible investment if you are looking to eventually sell it.

Pool installation involves more than digging a large hole in your backyard, however. Every design and construction detail must be meticulously planned if you want to get the best return on your investment. Fortunately, trusted Perth pool companies like Guardian Pools execute every pool installation project in accordance with the highest quality standards. These pool experts can also help you determine what kind of pool product to choose, what sort of accessories to install, and what other factors to consider.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your poolside area:


Maximise your courtyard space. Choose a pool design with the shape and dimensions that leave ample square footage in your courtyard for other outdoor living space elements.


There is no accounting for taste, and what one buyer considers sublime might seem too eccentric for another. In short, you would want your pool to appeal to as many people as possible. Meanwhile, see to it that the pool, along with the landscaping and decking elements, blends seamlessly with your home’s architecture.


Your new pool can be a hub for fitness, leisure, and relaxation. Size does not have to be an issue. For example, powerful swim jets in a compact plunge pool allow you to do seemingly endless laps. Meanwhile, the addition of water jets and heating to your plunge pool allows you to create your own hydrotherapy spa.


Make pool cleaning and maintenance as convenient as possible, and buyers are bound to take notice. Companies like Guardian Pools install beautiful fiberglass pools in Perth that are easy to install, less likely to fade, and are designed to last for many years to come.



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