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Fibreglass Swimming Pools for Perth Homes: Essential Elements

02 July

If you are in the market for a low-maintenance and durable fibreglass pool that enhances aesthetic and property value, you’re probably wondering which design you should choose for your Perth home. Fortunately, you can narrow down your choices based on three main factors to find the pool that best suits your lifestyle needs.


Swim/Play Area

When it comes to swimming pools, you need to consider how much of the area you should allocate for swimming and for playing. Are pool steps and benches to your liking? Do you prefer a larger swim space without any obstructions? Your answer to this question plays into how much your family enjoys your pool once it’s finished, so take this consideration seriously.

Exercise and Lap Swimming

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. If you want to swim laps in your pool for fitness but have limited backyard space, a pool length of about 9m to 12m should suffice. The swim lane also needs to be free of obstructions. If you plan on using your pool for other exercises such as water aerobics, then the space needs to be as wide and as deep as possible to allow bathers to perform their routines. Guardian Pools also offers fantastic options such as the ‘Swim Tether’ which enables a stationary lap swimming experience! This invention enables endless lap swimming in small pools.

Steps and Benches

Some fibreglass pools often come with steps and benches as part of the design. At any rate, you need to consider how much space these features take up and make sure they do not obstruct the swim lane. If you value relaxation, spa benches that stretch from one end of the pool to the other may be the ideal pool design feature. Meanwhile, if you prefer to swim two abreast, you might want to opt for a pool with a simpler design.

Find a pool design that matches your preferences by contacting trusted pool companies like Guardian Industries.


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