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Fibreglass Swimming Pools in Perth: Basic Shapes, Timeless Elegance

15 October

Summers in Perth are very hot and dry, while winters are mild and wet. The city is relatively warm, which makes it conducive for every household to have a pool. If you’re in the process of exploring your options with any of the city’s top pool companies, one of your main decision points would have to be the shape of the pool.

Selecting a pool shape can be totally up to your preference, but you should also consider how it impacts space, function and aesthetics.


The straight edges of rectangular pools give them a decidedly formal look that fits right in with conventionally shaped lots. Rectangular pools, according to design and architecture magazine Freshome, are also ideal for doing laps.


Oval pools are considered part of the general rectangular category as they are basically rectangles with rounded edges, though that singular difference lends oval pools a distinct look and feel. Although still suitable for swimming laps, oval pools are best for water sports that require various types of equipment to be set up in the surrounding space.


Kidney-shaped pools are like long ovals indented on one side. This shape offers a natural look and is forgiving to almost any yard shape. The hollow created by the indentation provides a nice space for a spa or shrubbery, while the indentation itself functions as an intuitive division between shallow and deep areas.

Figure 8

As the name implies, figure 8 pools looks like the numerical symbol 8 – an oval with indentations on either side. The two sides from this division need not be symmetrical. As with the kidney shape, a figure 8 pool is ideal for families as the divide creates a clear indication of where the deeper area begins.

You can either take your pick from the above pool shapes or check out the other stylish, non-abrasive and low-maintenance fibreglass swimming pools companies like Guardian Pools have to offer.


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