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Floating in Your Pool to Relax Leads to a Healthier Mind

02 April

Having a pool at home offers a range of benefits. From working out in the comfort of your home to having a nice outdoor sanctuary, there are many reasons to own a pool. According to studies, you can add mental health wellness to the list. Researchers have found that floating in the pool to relax can have several mental health benefits, including lower stress levels and a calmer state of mind.

Relaxing in the Pool Promotes Mental Wellness

Floating in the pool reduces your external stimuli. This results in temporary sensory deprivation, a similar experience that happens during yoga or other forms of meditation.

Sensory deprivation explains why you feel light when you float on water. It stops managing your body temperature and starts producing endorphins that make you feel calmer and happier. This also lowers pain sensors and manages stress levels. One study even found that sensory deprivation can boost the activity of the visual cortexes, the part of the brain that interprets visual information. This can lead to increased creativity and productivity.

Enjoying the Benefits of Your Pool Without Getting Wet

You can enjoy a relaxing, meditative day at the pool without getting your hair wet. If you’ve recently had your hair done, here’s how to keep it nice and dry.

One is to properly secure your hair with a swimming cap. If your hair is beyond shoulder length, tie it into a ponytail or a bun. For short hair, apply an ample amount of hair gel or use hair pins to keep loose strands in place. You can also lounge in the pool using a pool raft, an inflatable pool mattress or a swimming pool lounge. Just like relaxing in bed, you can ease your mind and unwind as the pool water lulls you with its gentle waves.

A Relaxing Day in Your Own Fibreglass Pool by Guardian Pools

The experience of pure relaxation is within reach when you own a fibreglass pool at home. Guardian Pools has been a trusted supplier of fibreglass pools in Perth since 1960. With a variety of designs for fibreglass pools, you can choose from a wide range of kidney-shaped pools, plunge pools and lap pools.

Since our pools are made of fibreglass, the installation process takes only about a week or two. As soon as the installation is complete, you can take the plunge and enjoy your newly installed pool. Guaranteed to last for years, our fibreglass pool is a great investment that can be enjoyed by the whole family. We look forward to helping you create a healthy and active lifestyle in the comfort of your home.

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our range of pools. One of our friendly staff will get back to you and discuss your needs. Call (08) 9529 4461 or (08) 9529 4761 for a durable fibreglass pool that meets your needs.