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Great Reasons to Install a Fibreglass Swimming Pool

29 April

Perth fibreglass swimming pools have come a long way from the blue and white colours of the 80’s. A stunning array of new age designs, colours and finishes are now available in a plethora of fantastic shapes and sizes to suit any yard and personal preference.


Fibreglass is renowned for its characteristic strength and durability. It also provides a certain degree of flexibility to cope with minor ground movement to avoid cracking.

Swimming with the Family

Easy to Maintain

Fibreglass is non porous and perfectly smooth to the touch making it very difficult for algae to adhere to. Chemical usage is kept to a minimum as the pool walls and floor do not interfere with the chemical balance of the swimming pool water. Constantly trying to keep your pH and Total Alkalinity levels in balance with a concrete pool can be overwhelming.

Quick Installation

Having your fiberglass swimming pool installed and ready for swimming in a week is possible once works commence. This kind of turnaround time is a huge benefit to the intensive labour costs and long installation time frame of other construction methods. Check out the numerous fiberglass swimming pools for sale in Perth, and you will be sure to find a size and shape perfect for your needs. Be sure to speak with a professional swimming pool builder such as Guardian Pools if you require any advice as they have a wealth of experience and some great ideas on how to maximize your investment.

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