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Guidelines For a Functional Lap or Plunge Pool

22 April

When planning to install a pool, it is common to obsess over obvious factors such as placement, materials, and shape. Homeowners rarely think about the dimensions. It is important to determine if the pool will be predominantly used for swimming laps and exercise, or spending time with family and friends playing games and having fun. Lap pools are obviously purpose built to be long and narrow with a depth of 1.5m in order for swimming laps, plunge pools however can also accommodate lap swimming with the invention of the swim jet system or swim tether. These fantastic inventions enable you to swim an endless lap in your swimming pool either via swimming against a current of water or being held in position with the help of a tether system.

Lap Pool


When it comes to depth, a pool with a depth of 1.5m is perfect for lap swimming to enable tumble turns. For a lap pool in your Perth home, the length could be anywhere from 9m to 12m or longer if your backyard can fit the extra length.

Heating your pool

If you are using your pool for exercise and lap swimming you will want to be able to swim all year round. Heating your pool is a must in the winter months to avoid a cold chill. Many methods are available from gas, electric and solar. Using a pool cover is a must to ensure you keep the heat in your pool water and prevent it from escaping. Speaking with a pool professional such as Guardian Pools will point you in the right direction and ensure you get the right swimming pool to suit your needs and requirements.

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