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Health Benefits Aplenty: Why You’ll Love Having a Lap Pool at Home

15 June

Many A-list celebrities see fit to lose or gain weight for a movie or TV role they are set to play. Chris Pratt, for instance, shed 60 pounds in 6 months for his role in the recent box-office hit Jurassic World. Pratt engaged in various workouts like P90X, running, and boxing to achieve his slimmer and more muscular physique. Swimming, in particular, helped him get in shape.


Many Aussies, celebrities or not, make swimming part of their lifestyles whether they have a lap pool at home or take a dive at nearby recreation centres. Some might train for athletic events or simply enjoy this form of exercise.

Can swimming really be helpful in fitness and weight loss? How effective can it be? Can the activity also affect other aspects of your health? Check out how swimming fares when it comes to fitness and the various health benefits you can enjoy by making it part of your regimen:

Good for the Body

It is true that swimming is one of the best ways to burn calories, but optimal results can only be achieved by observing the correct stroke, kick, posture, breathing technique, and overall coordination. Leisurely floating about or performing some doggy paddles won’t work your body out and get your heart pumping. A certain level of intensity is needed and must be sustained for more than a few minutes to really maximise the calorie-burning potential of swimming.

If you swim properly, the stimulating activity can be beneficial to different parts of your body. You can improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health. You can enhance your endurance and the strength of your bones and muscles. The low-impact exercise is also more advisable when you’re recovering from injuries that strenuous activities may aggravate.

Good for the Mind

Another great thing about swimming is its tendency to improve a person’s mental or emotional health. Various studies have shown that the activity can enhance the mood of people in all ages and even promote learning or cognitive development in children. Like other leisure activities, swimming can also be a way to relieve the stress that you encounter every day.

What better way to enjoy these health benefits than by having a pool right in your home? Pool manufacturers in Perth like Guardian Industries have a wide selection of pools that can turn your backyard into a veritable fitness area. As for homes with limited backyard space, compact plunge pools enable one to take the occasional dip and engage in stationary aquatic exercises that make use of the water’s resistance.


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