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Homeowner Tips: Installation Basics of Fibreglass Lap or Plunge Pools

11 March

Fibreglass pools are growing in demand as people continue to discover the advantages they offer. With more alternatives in design and colour choices, fibreglass lap or plunge pools in Perth homes make it possible for residents to enjoy swimming whenever they please. With the sunny weather in Perth, a swimming pool is a worthy investment.

Why Fibreglass

Fibreglass pools are very popular due to the pool walls being smooth to the touch and non-porous, making it difficult for algae to adhere to and better on chemical usage. The floors normally have a grip pattern built in to avoid slippage. Fibreglass pools are available in many modern shapes, sizes, colours and finishes giving customers plenty of options when sizing up their yard and finding a pool that suits their homes aesthetics.

fibreglass lap plunge pools

Installation Considerations

One of the advantages of a fiberglass pool is the speedy installation time. When you have made the decision to purchase a plunge or lap pool in Perth, knowing what to expect and what you need to do will help you prepare your home for the installation.


In order for a trouble free install, access to the area where the pool is to be installed should be checked for obstructions. Animals should be locked away safely and any gates should enable clear access.


The fibreglass pool consists of a premade shell that will sit in the excavated area. For this reason, your property must have enough space for contractors to maneuver equipment. Contractors will use a crane to lift and set the pool into position.

Filling with water

Once the pool is in position it will be leveled, backfilled and filled with water. Once your pool filtration system and plumbing equipment is installed you will be well on your way to swimming in your new pool. Enjoy!


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