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How Swimming Affects Your Mind

24 August

Have you ever asked yourself why you suddenly feel sleepy (or very relaxed) after a swim session? The simple answer is that humans are hardwired to feel relaxed around water. Interested to know more?


The Meditative Effects Of Water

Water induces a meditative state. It’s a fact, according to author and marine biologist Wallace Nichols. He claims that humans have a “blue mind,” one that’s meant to be happy in lots of ways, as long as it involves water.

This blue mind holds our brains in a state of mild attentiveness. The brain is interested and engaged in the water, taking in every sensory stimulant while not being overloaded. In this mindful state, the brain also reaps the benefits of lowered stress levels, anxiety, pain, and depression, relief, and better mind clarity. Of course, it also brings better sleep quality.

Swimming Properly

Swim teacher Karen Wilson furthers that swimming can take you to another level. She claims that swimming is the most relaxing water activity if you learn the proper technique. As you learn to swim, try to focus on your body alignment in the water, as well as proper breathing.

Remember that water is your friend as well. Don’t mind the pressure from your swim teacher: slow down, let the water support you. Take advantage of your blue mind and let the waters calm you. In the end, the activity becomes a relaxing exercise rather than simply slogging.

Mind Over Matter

Picture yourself working out in the gym. Unless you’re completely alone, you’re under scrutiny by other gym goers. This can make you self-conscious — and anxious — as a result. But when you’re swimming in a pool, you’re less likely to feel such. And you must also remember that swimming is a full-body, high-intensity exercise, all without too much physical strain. So don’t find it strange if you feel sleepy after a quick dip.

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