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How to make Yandex your homepage in Google Chrome

23 July

By default, Google Chrome browser can have two options for presenting the home page, both of which are associated with the products of the same company. However, what to do if the user likes Yandex and its tools? No need to worry, there is a way out, and I’ll tell you how to set everything up. This does not require any special knowledge or programming skills, everything is done very simply. How to make google your homepage on chrome: In the beginning, we need to open our browser. To do this, we double-click on the application shortcut.

Google Chrome Label

Then on the right side of the screen, opposite the address bar, look for the icon in the form of three points. It is also necessary to click on it.

Entering Settings

Immediately after this, a dialog box opens where we need to find the line Settings, near the end of the list. After we found it, we press it with the mouse once.

Menu item Settings

After that, the window will be updated, and the settings page will open before us. On it, we are looking for a block called Open. And already in the block the line The specified pages. A little to the right will be the blue line Add, it should also be clicked once.

Add predefined pages

A menu will open, where we will be presented with a field for entering the desired page. There we manually enter the e-mail address The auto search menu will open, and you can select the appropriate option.

Yandex home page

After selecting the desired page, it will be tightened in the settings field, and for the changes to take effect, we need to click the OK button at the bottom of the screen.

Confirm action

After that, you can safely close the settings window, as they are saved automatically after the change. To check the start page for compliance, you can try to open a new tab, and you will see that we have Yandex, as we wanted.

Yandex home page

Knowing how to make Yandex your home page in Google Chrome, you can change the settings to any other page in the same way, if your preferences change.

This kind of solution when choosing the initial page view is very convenient. In particular, if you are used to checking the presence of mail when you start the browser first. In this case, simply install the Inbox of your mailbox as the startup folder. If you constantly need a search, then you can already install the search engine, respectively. So you can combine the most powerful of browsers on the engine and search engine, which is specially created for the Russian market and the user. It does not affect the work of the browser in any way, it is universal if it is a question of working with extensions.

There are cases when the replacement of the start page is impossible, it happens when spyware or a virus program replaces the start page in any browser with the one that is necessary for the attackers. If you have such a problem, then you just need to use the antivirus. If the antivirus does not help, then you should check your host’s file, which I also wrote about in the blog.

Regardless of what you choose, you can always change your preferences at any convenient moment. All the plugins and extensions that I’m writing about are completely free to use. So boldly put and try to customize your workspace on the Internet to your liking.