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How to Pick the Right Swimming Pool for Your Outdoor Area

23 December

Looking forward to transforming your backyard into a customised landscape can be a wonderful adventure that requires creativity. One of the most critical aspects when selecting your own swimming pool is its shape, size and colour. While there are many sizes and shapes of pools to choose from, certain outlines can suit different backyards better than others.

Fibreglass pools are proving a very popular choice for homeowners these days due to their quick installation and competitive price, not to mention the selection of colours, finishes, and designs. Options include rectangle, oval, kidney, Figure 8, and Roman/Grecian.


The Basic Rectangle

The most widely used shape for swimming pools is the basic rectangle. This is an ancient design that has been used in many areas around Perth. Particularly suited to geometric, modern yards. Rectangle shapes can be like a lap pool – long and narrow at 1.5m – 2m width or wider at around 4m maximum. The length ranges from around 6 – 12 metres. If you have a long narrow lot a lap pool can make the perfect addition.

Kidney Shaped

A kidney pool shape removes corners and sharp angles. These features allow you to put it in a contemporary yard that does not have strict geometric lines. They are suited for natural landscapes with features such as waterfalls and rocks/stones which can be added to increase their beauty.

Grecian Shaped

A Grecian pool shape, on the other hand, is just like a rectangle but with rounded corners. A Grecian look has a similar appearance as a rectangle but has its edges trimmed off. These types of pools are great for homes featuring columns and terraces, embracing Grecian architecture.

Additional Considerations

So how do you choose the right design? This will depend on the preference of the homeowner and also the size and shape of the backyard. For example, for a small or oddly shaped yard a kidney design might be best. Perhaps you would like to have your pool fill most of your backyard. Whatever your preference, companies like Guardian Pools in Perth will have swimming pools for sale at a price that suits your budget.


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