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How to Prepare Swimming Pools for Spring: The Three Steps to Take

26 August

To this day, there is no one-size-fits-all guide to opening swimming pools for the spring and there may never be one. The sheer diversity of pool designs and materials make that feat rather unfeasible. Still, when it comes to welcoming the warm weather, certain tasks become necessary—or at least advisable—to practice on most pools. Here are a few of the best ones to keep in mind.

Swimming Pools for Spring

Clean up

Remove your pool cover if you have one, scoop out any leaves and debris, clean the pool manually if you do not have an automatic pool cleaner. Backwash the filter or clean out the cartridges. Empty the skimmer and pump baskets. Top up the pool water level if required.

Balance your chemicals

Time to perform some chemistry work based on the results of your water test. Ensure your pH and Total Alkalinity are adjusted to the recommended level and your chlorine level is in the correct range. Check your salt level if you have a saltwater chlorinator installed as during winter the extra rainfall may have diluted your pool water, caused your pool to overflow and your salt level to decrease. Salt is only lost due to water overflow or backwashing – not evaporation.

Wait for the water to clear

Preparing a pool for spring should not be a major hassle or task. The general rule is to keep your pool water filtered, sanitized and maintained during winter so the spring clean up is quick and easy!

Don’t have a pool yet? Time to talk to Perth pool installers

Spring is the ideal time to install that swimming pool you’ve always wanted. Start looking at swimming pools for sale and talking to a trusted pool installer in Perth like Guardian Pools to discuss the possibility of having your own backyard pool where your family can frolic during the hot summer months ahead.


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