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How to Turn a Plunge or Lap Pool in Perth into a Pool for All Seasons

25 September

People want to make sure that they get their money’s worth out of any major investment they plan to make. In the case of a new swimming pool, maximising the return on investment usually means getting to use it at any time. After all, what would be the point of having a plunge or lap pool installed if you rarely ever get to use it?

Any smart homeowner, therefore, should factor in usability before calling a pool company in Perth for a pool installation service. Here are some tips to help you turn a simple pool into a pool for all seasons.

Pool Landscaping

Pool landscaping not only amps up the pool’s aesthetics but also helps make the area more accessible. This will come in handy if you’re fond of throwing parties by the pool during summer or if you’re just inviting friends over for a dip. Consider design details like decorative rocks, plants, outdoor furniture, waterfalls or water features and other elements as well as where they should be positioned.

Heating and Lighting

No pool is complete without adequate heating and lighting. Heating comes in handy when the cold season kicks in, even in a city like Perth that enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. Heating and lighting are good features to have if you are fond of swimming at night, for reasons of comfort and safety.

Pool Accessories

Depending on the pool’s intended use, you may also want to invest in the right pool accessories. Lap pools that allow you to exercise and train for competitive swimming, for instance, are best equipped with swim tethers or swim belts. Meanwhile, plunge pools that provide the perfect venue for recreational activities often call for flotation devices such as blow-up chairs, kickboards, noodle tubes and blow-up balls.

Shade and Privacy

A little bit of sunshine can’t hurt, but too much of it will only result in sunburn and decreased energy efficiency in your pool. Provide ample shade by installing umbrellas, tall plants, shade sails, and other similar features. These features can also help make the pool area more private.

If you are looking to have a new pool installed in your yard, consider these additions while making your plans early on. At any rate, trust a leading pool company like Guardian Pools to help you choose the most optimal pool design based on your lifestyle.


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