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Improve Your Quality of Life by Adding a Swimming Pool to Your Home

13 November

If you live in an area like Western Australia, how often have you sat in your back yard on a hot sunny day dreaming of cooling off in your own pool? In areas with more sunshine hours than cloudy days a pool for many is the ultimate luxury. Yet a home pool can be well within the reach of a large proportion of the population.

You Can’t Put a Price on One’s Quality of Life
Even without realising it, once a pool is installed, your quality of life will start to improve. Just splashing around in the pool on a hot summer’s day provides exercise you certainly wouldn’t have got sat in your favourite garden chair.

As an exercise machine, casually swimming a few lengths on a daily basis will exercise more muscles than a walk round the neighbourhood. In fact it will exercise more muscles than many daily occupations.

For pregnant women in the later stages of pregnancy a pool can provide massive relief. Just relaxing in the pool takes away the strain of stretched muscles and skin, and some gentle swimming will benefit both mum and unborn baby.

While precautions always have to be taken whenever children and water are in the same vicinity, what better way to teach the kids to swim than when they are still toddlers. In many areas of the world, children are expert swimmers before they can walk.

Socialising with Others
From a social aspect the sky’s the limit. Inviting friends and family round for a relaxed pool party allows you to catch up on the latest gossip, while the kids play in the pool.

As we get older, finding time to exercise seems to get harder. Or is it that we just can’t be bothered with that twenty minute daily walk? As we reach our sixties, most of us get more sedentary just at a time when regular exercise will do us more good than it did thirty years ago.

For the more mature with swimming pools, organising pool get-togethers provides the drive to improve fitness when it’s needed most. Half a dozen friends in the pool exercising to the latest fitness CD, before the coffee and discussions on latest recipes…or have a good old fashioned Aussie BBQ and cool of in your pool afterwards, once dinner settles of course!

Without a doubt, a home swimming pool provides much more than just a way to cool down. Enjoy all these benefits and more by getting yourself a swimming pool from pool companies in Perth, like Guardian Pools.


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