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In-Ground Swimming Pools: Why They Are the Best Options for Your Yard

08 September

If you are looking to install a pool in your backyard, you’ll have to decide whether to have it in-ground or above-ground. Above-ground pools are relatively cheaper and you can take them with you when you move. If you intend to stay in your current residence for the long term, however, and you’re after usage longevity and backyard aesthetics, then in-ground swimming pools would be a better choice.


Why in-ground swimming pools?

High-quality in-ground pools are designed with durable structure to support their shapes and sizes. Reputable pool companies in Perth can build you a pool that would last for decades without being susceptible to premature wear and tear, a common problem among above-ground pools.

Among the various in-ground pool types, fibreglass pools are very popular these days. The non-porous surfaces of fibreglass pools are less prone to algal growth, which makes them a low-maintenance option indeed. The hard, smooth surface of a fibreglass pool makes cleaning easy.

If you’re a landscape aficionado, you’ll find in-ground pools more preferable over the above-ground types. Compared to above-ground pools that can look awkward in your yard, in-ground pools blend more seamlessly with their surroundings. Furthermore, they come in a broad range of shapes, accents, sizes, and depths. Whether you want a secluded forest pond, a tropical oasis, or a classy yet sporty pool, you can design an in-ground pool in virtually any way you desire.

Basic considerations in installing in-ground swimming pools

Since in-ground pools require digging, there are many factors to consider in regards to installation other than your backyard’s dimensions. Slope, groundwater availability, soil type and accessibility for construction equipment can affect the duration and overall cost of the project. Trusted pool companies in Perth, such as Guardian Pools, can help you determine which shape best suits your yard along with the potential maintenance costs.

Most importantly, you have to be up to date with the building restrictions and zoning policies in your locality. When evaluating your options, check out sample works and display centres and determine whether they subcontract or have their own staff. Make sure that your chosen contractor is bonded and insured, and has rich experience in building and installing pools of all kinds.


Is an In-ground Swimming Pool a Good Investment?

What to know before putting in a pool,