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Which Inground Pool Is Right For You?

29 June

A swimming pool is an excellent investment for you and your family and gives you unlimited hours of fun and exercise. If you plan to install a pool of your own, consider getting an inground pool. Inground pools give you more control over the depth of your pool and provide better support for the basin. Unlike above ground pools, which can leave your entire yard flooded should they crack or break, inground pools are simply easier to maintain and repair.

In Australia, there are three types of inground pool: vinyl, concrete and fibreglass. Guardian Industries specialises specifically in providing fibreglass swimming pools, servicing all of Perth.The-Fundamentals-of-Picking-the-Shape-and-Size-of-a-Fibreglass-Swimming-Pool

Among the three types of pools, we think that fibreglass pools give you more bang for your buck, which is why they are our first choice. Here is how fibreglass swimming pools compare to other types of inground pools:

Vinyl Swimming Pool

Vinyl swimming pools use a flexible plastic liner stretched along a frame. The frame is typically made of stainless steel, or sometimes cement. One of the cheapest pool options, it is also the pool type with the shortest lifespan.

The plastic liner is quite thin, and could easily rip or leak over time. The material could also become brittle after exposure to the sun and to pool chemicals. They are also very difficult to repair, as you will likely have to replace the liner in its entirety.

Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools are made of mixed concrete, with a type of waterproof lining. The primary advantage of a concrete swimming pool is that it allows for unlimited customisation options — the shapes you can do with this pool are virtually limitless, and you can try a variety of different finishes, from tile to plaster, or pebble wash.

However, concrete swimming pools can be hard to clean, as the surface tends to trap dirt. They are also very difficult to repair if they every sustain damage.

Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Fibreglass swimming pools are made of a hard, composite shell and several layers of waterproof finishing. Fibreglass pools come in a pre-fabricated design, so there is some room for customisation. But with a wide range of pool designs we have here at Guardian Industries, you will likely find the pool that works best for you.

Fibreglass is also easy to repair — just add a new layer of the composite to the area and refinish, and it is good as new. They are also easy to clean and low maintenance —perfect for the new pool owner. This is why we believe that fibreglass is one of the best pool options out there.

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