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Is it safe to use V – Tight Gel?

05 March

Are you suffering from a lose vaginal wall? Are you not gaining the confidence and the poised nature that women should have? No worries dear ladies, here you have V – Tight Gel to protect you and restore back your confidence. It is a vaginal tightening product that has made a huge place in the market today.

Women suffering from the problem of loose vaginas are nothing new. The vaginas tend to get loose mainly after giving birth o a child. Sometimes, age stands as a huge factor for loose vaginal walls. Loose vaginas are definitely not the right kind. So, to regain it back into shape, use V – Tight Gel.

What the gel actually does it gets back your vaginas into normal position. This means that the elasticity that the vaginas have lost is further brought back with this gel. So, no more surgery, augmentation and high dosage medication.

Now here lies a million dollar question. Is v tight gel permanent? Is the product safe? Will V – Tight Gel brink any harm to the body. Well, everything has its pros and cons. So does V – Tight Gel. True that this product will work wonders when concerned with you vaginas, but it has some side effects as well.

It is high time that we dig the grave and find out the truth. All the vagina tightening creams and gels are full of chemical pieces of stuff. Using them can be a bit risky as you may suffer from irritation, allergic reaction, and discomfort. The chemicals tend to react with the bacteria present in your vaginas. This may develop into yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Also, these kinds of feminine products have a tendency to produce hormonal imbalances. If these problems are not cured, it may get transferred on to your partner through the medium of intercourse.

Well, honestly, the vaginas being the softest part of your body need to be well-treated. You cannot ignore and neglect them. As a part of your body, they too need special care and comfort. You can buy vaginal tightening products like the V – Tight Gel but at your own risk. Before you buy ask these questions to yourself: is the product safe? What are the side effects of the product? Trying to find out answers to these questions will give you the answer to the ultimate question – whether you should buy it or not.

Here are the side effect alternatives of using V – Tight Gel:

  • Irritation

Almost all of the vagina tightening creams consists of a lot of chemicals. One ingredient common in most of the vagina tightening product is the Manjakani. Traditionally, its usage dates back to the ancient days. Back then, it was used as a medicinal product serving the purpose of tightening the vagina after the birth of a child. There is a possibility that this gel has more of Manjakani than is actually required. These chemicals tend to cause irritation in the vagina both within and outside. It is painful to even to walk, urinate and move around.

  • Allergic Reaction

What makes things worse is that you may develop an allergic tendency to some of the ingredients used in the product. Using the gel over and over again despite noticing allergies will finally make you allergic to that particular component. The allergy can have symptoms like redness, rashes, and itching. These are of course not a good symptom on the skin. Now imagine how painful they are going to be in your vagina.

  • Infection

Most feminine products share an undeniable bond with BV or bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection. You cannot expect anything better from a vaginal tightening naturally cream or gel. After all, it is a full package of chemicals. When you put any chemical in your vagina, the pH level of your vagina increases. This changes the bacterial reaction and results in adverse effects. The more is the amount of chemical, the more will be the risk of yeast infection.

  • Hormone Disruption

Vaginal tightening creams and gels may also take a chance to disrupt the endocrine system of your body. The endocrine system includes ovaries, thyroid gland, and the pituitary gland. All of these run the risk of getting infected by the vaginal tightening products. These three glands are bestowed with the responsibility of secreting hormones. If these hormone secretions mingle with the gel or cream that you are using for the benefit of your vaginas, it alters the reaction that is supposed to take place. This change in the reaction is sure to bring an imbalance in the internal system of your whole body because your bodily reactions are dependent on the flow of hormones. So, better be careful.

  • STD Complications

Feminine products also run the risk of posing STD or sexually transmitted diseases. Usually, vagina tightening creams do not have any scent. So, if your vagina is infected, you will not know anything about it until it turns to something serious and major. STD when left untreated causes severe damage. And, if in this situation you have sex with your partner, he too can be affected by the same.

How can you tighten vaginas naturally?

  1. Besides using these creams and gels, perform pelvic exercise on a regular basis. Since the vaginal walls are like any other muscle in the body, taking the help of exercises are sure to strengthen them.
  2. One of the finest exercises in this business is the Kegel exercises. To perform this task, you only have to squeeze your pelvic muscles to the floor and inwards to your chest. Its greatness is such that the more you do, the tighter your vaginas will be. Perform these set of exercises thrice a day. Many will lack the time. But at least try to make it out for once twice in a day.

Unless and until it is prescribed by a doctor, do not put anything in your vagina. It is better to exercise than to opt for the vagina tightening creams and gels.