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Is Your Pool Summer Ready? Preparing Perth Swimming Pools for Summer

12 December

The Australian heat is on again, and what better way to cool off than wading in the water? Now is that time of the year to fill up those swimming pools and let the cool water fight off the heat, and it’s also the perfect time to shop for high-end Perth swimming pools if you haven’t got one already. Whether you already have a pool or you’re just beginning to look for one, Caroline James from Real Estate lists down the essentials of prepping your pool for the summer and guaranteeing safe swims for all who use it:

swimming season

Fence first

Does your fence have child-proof locks? Is its gate locked at all times? Is there anything close that can be used to climb over it? Before dipping even a toe, give your fence an audit to make sure it is compliant with current safety standards.

Cover the basics

Before the big wet begins, consider swimming lessons for any little (or big) people who need it. It means the whole family can enjoy the benefits of a refreshing dip on a stinking hot day with at least some basic skills to practice under supervision in the home pool or on the beach.

Is your pool feeling blue?

There is every chance the last time you spring-cleaned your pool was last spring. It is time to give it some love.

When it comes to fencing safety standards, the law asserts that this structure should be permanent and must be at least 1.2 metres above ground level to prevent children below five years old from climbing over it.

Aside from its fencing, you must also check on the quality of your pool’s water, regular testing of the pool water chemical levels and maintenance of your swimming pool and equipment is a must and will equate to a trouble free swimming season.

If you haven’t got a swimming pool yet your best bet is to look out for swimming pool sales in Perth, particularly the array of pools found at companies like Guardian Pools. Fibreglass pools can reduce algae build-up and are very quick to install. For everyone that already has a pool you’ll need to ensure the safety of the pool for everyone, not just for kids. So before you run to your swimming pool, prep it first to guarantee that it’s ready for summer.

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