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Key Pointers to Hosting a Fun Pool Party for Your Kids

29 June

Pool parties are an exciting activity for kids. Whether it is a simple gathering with friends from the neighbourhood or a big bash with their mates from school, a pool party is a fun-filled way to keep them entertained.

If it is your turn to host, here are a few essentials to hosting the best pool party for your children:

Think of a Theme

Many hosts usually begin organising a pool party with a theme in mind. Having a set theme makes it easier to choose the other elements of the party. Add a special touch by incorporating themed decor into your back garden for a more authentic look and feel. Themed pool party examples include Hawaiian Luau, mermaids, pirates and beach party; using your imagination a little leaves a lasting impression.

Create a Guest List of Both Children and Adults

Work with your kids in building a guest list for the pool party. Keep the number manageable, depending on how big your home is and how many adults will be there to supervise the children. Since it’s important to not leave the children unattended by the pool, make sure you always have someone responsible to watch over them in the water.

Send Out the Invites

Once you have a complete guest list, mail your invites to the children and their parents at least a week in advance. If printing is a hassle, you can write a note or simply send out an online invitation. Don’t forget to indicate the time, venue and a list of activities for the party. Also, add your contact details so the children’s parents can RSVP.

Let the Kids Play Fun Games

Pool games are usually the most exciting part of a pool party. Choose ones that will accommodate all the kids so that no one feels left out. Some fun pool party games include relay races, diving to retrieve coloured rings and water balloon tosses. You can also set up a slip ‘n’ slide tarp or let the children run through sprinklers in the garden.

Prepare Filling and Refreshing Snacks

After an afternoon of games and fun, the children will want snacks. Plan a menu of pool-friendly yet filling dishes; parents won’t thank you if you leave the kids to munch through packets of crisps, a plate of doughnuts, all washed down with copious amounts of fizzy drink. Some simple dishes include veggie sticks and hummus dip, avocado toast, cheese crackers or egg sandwiches. Fruit and veggie platters are also healthy options for pool party snacks, and even fussy kids will eat a bowl of pasta. Be sure to keep your guests hydrated with pitchers of water or lemonade.

Blast Some Tunes

One of the best ways to create a festive party atmosphere is to play the right music. Create a playlist with your children that is filled with vibrant dance tunes to keep the mood light and fun.

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