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Lap Pool or Plunge Pool in Perth: Two Renovation Trends to Consider

09 June

Pools are a given in the backyards of most suburban homes in Western Australia. Regardless of size, a swimming pool allows owners to enjoy the outdoors, take refuge from the heat, and relieve stress after a tiring day. A backyard pool area is also a great place to entertain guests or simply bond with one’s family.

Plunge Pool in Perth

Are you planning to add a lap pool or plunge pool in Perth to your backyard? Consider two of the top pool design trends for your upcoming renovation.

Clean Lines and Contemporary Structures

With more homes being built in a contemporary architectural style, homeowners are placing greater emphasis on a streamlined aesthetic. The clean lines and defined angles of rectangular, L-shaped, or geometric lap pools make them the right fit for modern home designs and spacious backyards. Subdued colours keep pool finishes consistent with monochromatic or neutral motifs. A sandstone paving or timber deck can give the space a naturally polished look.

These streamlined pools can be accentuated with water features, fencing, and furnishings made of trendy materials like steel or glass. If the space is rather limited, lap pools with benches built into them can work as a substitute for fully furnished decks. Rectilinear shades or awnings that extend over part of the pool can also be added through a pergola addition or a deck makeover.

Shapely Curves and Natural Elements

As for homes with a tropical, earthy vibe, a small freeform or kidney-shaped plunge pool would be a good match. Such a structure can be surrounded by rocky borders and designed with crude-looking waterfalls or foot bridges to create a veritable miniature paradise.

Meanwhile, a lush landscape design can make such an outdoor space warm and inviting. Instead of fully equipped external kitchenettes, classic barbecue grills or stone ovens and other rustic implements would go well with such an outdoor space.

Whichever design aesthetic inspires you, consider fibreglass pools that take less time to install and less effort to maintain. Established Perth lap pool and plunge pool manufacturers like Guardian Pools offer quality fibreglass pools in a wide range of shapes, finishes, and other attractive features.

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