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Lighting up your Fibreglass Swimming Pool and Outdoor Entertainment zone in Perth

29 March

Underwater lights have been popular in pools for a long time. From the older style incandescent and halogen lights which used to be supplied with coloured clip on lenses to make a statement or change the overall look of your swimming pool at night to the ultra modern LED lights which are now available with recent advancements in technology. Available in single colour or multi colour with changing patterns, the options are almost endless.

Why Light It

Underwater lights are essential in illuminating your swimming pool at night. Many people enjoy an evening dip and like to be able to see where they are swimming in the water. Proper lighting promotes safety and ensures you can see in the pool especially during parties when many people and children are around. Pool lighting also creates a fantastic ambience around the pool that gives it an inviting feel.

Outdoor Pool


The introduction of LED lighting for swimming pools has not only made the pools more fun and exciting with their myriad of functions and colour changing algorithms but has also increased the lights lifespan 10 fold. Most LED lights operate with a minimum expected life span of 50,000 hours. The number of lights required in swimming pools will depend on their shape and size.

Types of Lights

You should consider various aspects when it comes to the installation of underwater lights in your pool. First, you should pick the type of lights that are most suitable. Halogen and LED are the two top choices that you can select from. LED lights offer better energy efficiency and last longer than halogen lights, but they are more expensive.

Another consideration when looking at swimming pool sales in Perth is the lighting mood you want to set. If your family uses the pool at night, then consider creating a bright yet relaxing ambiance. You should also factor in the rest of the landscape and decking when selecting pool lights. Using a combination of outdoor garden lights, deck lights and pool lights can make a really interesting space for your outdoor entertainment zone.

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