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Lively Colours: Making the Best Colour Choices for Fibreglass Pools

08 February

When you envision a pool in your backyard, one of the things you will have at the back of your mind is the water colour. Blue and green are usually the first options that will pop into your head when deciding the colour you want for your pool. If you are big on aesthetics, ensure to pick your colour finish carefully. Think about the colour that will best suit your idea of a perfect swimming pool. The pool company you hire in Perth can help you make that decision.

More Colour Choices

Coloured fibreglass pools of today are stunning. The number of options and finishes available are a far cry from what used to be available 15 years ago. Choices were limited to beige and blue. Make sure you take a look at the number of options available and carefully consider what will suit your home. Darker colours will attract more heat so can be beneficial in colder climates.

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Plan Ahead

Firstly, you should have a working theme. Don’t just pick a colour out of a brochure for the sake of it. For instance, if you decide on a pool deck and cabana, consider a theme that will work with your surroundings. Lighting, water features and garden will all influence the total landscape and overall design. Make sure the theme is considered with all features, remember, it is all about blending in.

Consider the Pool Depth

The depth of a pool will also have an effect on the colour shades. A colour will appear deeper with more depth. You may have seen a pool that seems to have two different shades of blue on different ends and that is because the shallow end will appear lighter. Consider this aspect when deciding the shade to pick.

Look at the Environment

The surrounding environment will also influence your choice of hues. If there are trees or other obstacles around your pool, they will affect the colour. Consider the landscape around the pool. Heavily shaded areas will cast a darker shade on the water, so take that into account too.

When looking at your selections for fiberglass pools, never compromise on quality. Trust professional pool companies in Perth that have built a solid reputation over the years for great quality and service.

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