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Lounge Life 101: Having Your Own Pool

22 September

Put it any way you like, owning a pool is more about relaxation than many other reasons. Would a pool help you stay active? It will, but not as much as it will help you unwind after work. Will it help you save money during the summer? Yes it will, but not as much as it will help you have a proper holiday at home. If you are comfortable enough financially, you will find it hard to resist having your own swimming pool. Maintenance aside, it is so worth it. No more trips to the public pool or to the beach, just enjoy it right in your own backyard.


The Right Size

The one thing you do not want to do, despite having the funds to do so, is to overdo your pool. Make proper use of the space available and not just fit the biggest pool you can. Pool experts, as we are at Guardian Industries, will make sure that we help you find the right pool size. We help you position the pool so that the entrance, exit points and swim outs are all in the right position to suit your backyard. The quality of our service is paramount. From the pools equipment to our customer service, our clients come first. More than that, thousands of Perth families trust us. This is why from the start, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.

The Truth About Increasing Your Home’s Value

They say that swimming pools add extra value to your property should you choose to sell it. This is very true especially here in Perth, our warm climate lends itself to having your own pool. Selling your home to the right buyers, your home will seem like a paradise. Having your own pool is very attractive to families, I mean which kids don’t like having their very own swimming pool in their own backyard?

Time to get in your own pool and relax and enjoy! Contact us today.