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Now Record Your Memories In Your Iphone Or Mac For A Lifetime

06 August

By the grace of technology, distance is no more distance. Technology abolishes the bar of distance, not only you can hear the voice of your near and dear ones but also for the technology you can see them virtually anytime anywhere. The main thing that you need is internet access. Who doesn’t know about the Facetime? Everyone does. If you have an apple product you can do video or audio chat via facetime. It is a brilliant source to meet your family member or your near and dear one. It is the simplest way to reach to your near one, but as we know everything has its own flaw. Like apple facetime for pc download also has a drawback, it cannot record the conversation. So whenever you need to see the old conversation you won’t do that, but where is will there is away. There are many ways to achieve the this. You can save the record the facetime call. Yes, you can save it in your MacBook or iPhone. In this article, we will show you how you can save the recording.

How To Record Facetime Call On iPhone And Mac

There are three ways by which you can record the phone call

  • How you can record the facetime call on your MacBook
  • How you can record the facetime call on the iPhone by using the MacBook
  • And last but not the least how you can record by using third-party software

How You Can Record The Facetime On The Mac

Use QuickTime screen to record the facetime call on the Mac. It will provide you with a great advantage. Let see how you can do that.

  • Take your Macbook and from the application folder or from the dock open the quick time
  • Now from the menu bar click on the
  • Click on the new screen of recording
  • You will notice an arrow is pointed toward the record button of QuickTime window
  • From the available microphone, list choose an internal microphone from the given list
  • From the QuickTime click on the record button
  • Click on the screen to record the total whole screen, or you can drag the facetime window to record the face time
  • Now start the facetime video call
  • From the menu bar click on the stop recording. Your file is recorded
  • Now take the cursor on the menu bar and click on that
  • And save it
  • Now give a proper recording name of the file
  • Next step is choosing where you want to save the file, desktop or downloads or documents etc
  • Click on the save button
  1. Using Mac How You Can Record Facetime Call On The iPhone Or Ipad

As you know that you cannot save or record the screen on your iPhone or iPad so you can use Macbook to save this. Let see step by step process

  • Take a 30- pin connector or a lighting cable to connect your iPad or iPhone with your MacBook
  • Now from your application folder or from the dock open the QuickTime on Mac
  • Go to the menu bar
  • Click on the new movie recording
  • Now click on the record button from the QuickTime window
  • Select the iPhone from the available list of cameras.
  • Now unlock your iPhone and on your Mac QuickTime a display will appear
  • Make sure that the volume bar of the QuickTime Mac should turn up
  • If it is not turn up you won’t be able to listen to the music or call so what the point of having it
  • Open your iPhone or iPad facetime.
  • Now click on the record button on your mac QuickTime
  • And call via facetime to your family member
  • Once you finish the call click on the stop button of QuickTime
  • Click on the menu bar
  • Click on the save button
  • Now choose the appropriate name of the recording
  • Choose the place where you want to save
  • Click on the save button. 

Use Third-Party Software to Record Facetime Call

If you want to record facetime call record a little bit more polished quality use third-party software.