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Of Chicken Fights and Bandages: Child Safety in Perth Swimming Pools

23 September

In Perth, few pastimes can rival the popularity of pool parties. As of 2008/2009 statistics, 19% of all homes in the City of Lights have a swimming pool, which shouldn’t be a big surprise considering the capital enjoys over a hundred and thirty days of sunny weather. It can be inferred that nearly a fifth of all local households have taken advantage of Perth swimming pool sales to not just beat the heat, but to bond with friends and family too.

Everyday Etiquette-14 Tips for Swimming Pool Parties

Don’t think it’s a purely adult pastime, however. Children enjoy it too, and as a parent, you just might take yours swimming someday; maybe even in a pool in your own home. Before you do that, you need to guide your kids on proper (and safe) conduct in and around pool areas. To this end, an article by Diane Gottsman for lays down some useful tips

4. No “chicken fights” – two pairs of people, each with one person riding on the other’s back, trying to knock the other pair over. This was a favourite at my children’s party until the lifeguard explained that it is a surefire way to get a black eye.

5. Diving off of someone else’s shoulders is also off limits, unless it is the shoulders of one of your own parents.

6. If your child is wearing a bandage, consider removing it before he or she enters the swimming pool. If he has an open sore, it is best to stay out of the pool until the wound is healed. 

Gottsman also advises against eating before and during swimming. This is not just to keep the pool clean but also to reduce the risk of drowning. Researchers believe that swimming causes blood circulation problems in those still digesting their food. The reduced flow of blood to the brain could cause them to pass out while in the water; a huge no-no for the safety of your child.

Remember that pool safety doesn’t stop with these tips. Quadrennial (once every four years) pool inspections are mandatory in Western Australia, and you’ll need to make sure yours passes the state’s safety standards. In this case, you’ll need the help of contractors for Perth swimming pools, like those from Guardian Pools, to ensure those standards are met from the very beginning. Do this, and your child will be able to frolic with all the fun and none of the worry.


(Article and Image Excerpt from Everyday Etiquette: 14 Tips for Swimming Pool Parties,