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Personal Lap Pools for Perth Residents Allow More Active Lifestyles

17 December

Swimming is a great way to refresh the body during periods of extreme heat, and we know all too well there are many such periods in Australia. There is more to swimming, however, than simply cooling off the body or helping bathers relax. With enough effort, swimming makes for a great exercise, and can help regular swimmers develop their bodies and achieve desired fitness levels.

An article on the PerthNow website dated December 9, 2014 details plans for a beach pool to be built along the shore of Scarborough Beach. The construction is a project of the Federal Government for the City of Stirling, with the hope that the pool rejuvenates the region’s tourism appeal. The article also states that officials are looking into ways to heat the pool for comfy use even during cold weather. Additionally, it was revealed that once constructed, visitors will have to pay a fee for use of the pool.

Scarborough Beach pool plans revealed

While public pools are spacious and wide enough to accommodate a large number of people, they might not be the best places for those looking to swim for health and fitness reasons. By being open to the public, such pools are not conducive for lap swimming exercises, and could be breeding grounds for bacteria. Worse, public pools that charge a fee like the one described earlier will not be economical to daily swimmers in the long run. Rather than settle for a public pool, individuals might want to consider installing their own indoor or outdoor lap pool in Perth.

Owning a pool of your own is a lot easier than you would think, so long as you have the budget and the space in your property for one. Although you can choose to have a concrete pool built into the ground of your yard, such a construction project takes a lot of time and resources to complete. You could instead settle for a conveniently prefabricated fibreglass pool which can be installed quickly and conveniently. Manufacturers such as Guardian Pools have a selection of premade designs for durable plunge pools in Perth to suit various needs. Those looking to own a pool to enhance their fitness levels should opt for a lap pool that allows for intensive swim training.

(Source: $26m Scarborough Beach pool plans revealed,, Dec. 9, 2014)